B. Scot Cook

Clinical Psychologist



Specialty Areas

Psychotherapy: This generally involves weekly sessions for the treatment of depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks, ADHD, grief, conduct/attachment issues, and sexual abuse in both children and adults.  Although I do not do marriage and/or couples counseling per se, I work with individuals around their own relational dynamics and patterns.  Occasionally a client will also ask a partner or spouse to accompany them to a session, which is often very helpful.  Rates - $260 for initial intake, $165 per session thereafter.


Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation: These involve several hours (typically 4-10 hours) of testing, interviewing, and assessment procedures designed to produce a comprehensive psychological report.  Rates - $165/hr


Psychodiagnostic Exams: These are designed to formulate a mental health diagnosis and make brief recommendations.  These are often used to determine specific disabilities for State Social Security.  The interview portion generally takes 1-2 hours, and with follow-up and written report typically takes 3 clinical hours to complete. Rates - $165/hr



Please review the "Letter of Standard" and complete the "Intake Evaluation",

"Insurance Disclaimer" and the appropiate "Checklist" on the "Forms Tab" above

prior to your first visit with Dr. Cook.